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I found chapters 4 above, it's on their patreon. You have to pay per chapter or become a patreon to get full access. Noticed this game because I was a subscriber to Mxr Plays.


MxR Plays did a let's play of your game.

That's fantastic game, I like it a lot. Great Job Guys!  When Chapter 4 will be released?

I'm not a big fan of cyberpunk style but the work quality is absolutely outstanding, it's possibly the best rendering I have ever seen.

Incredible experience 

so first part of the game ended with the guy driving to a girls house in a mask going to take the blonde girl, then it says to be countiuned whats the next chapter? also when it says 0.5.1 is that a chapter or update? because when i look up chapter 1 or 2 it doesnt come as that

Absolutely love this game! is it possible to know when the next chapter will be released?

First off I want to say that I am absolutely loving the game. Secondly I wanted to know if you rolled something back or am I missing something. With the new update I started over but it ends earlier than the last update. Maybe I just want to make sure that I am not doing something wrong. Thank you!

All ends should be the Car scene for this release. Let me know if something else happened here. Also be sure there are no mods because I can't properly do a QA on that.

Is the game complete?

About half way there at this point now. Still got loads to go.

Are there any plans for a Linux version ?


This game is absolutely gorgeous, and it's so nice to find an adult VN-type that actually gives a damn about a deep story and lore. Usually it's always just meet & f@#k for no reason. Here though, when MC does fool around, it actually makes sense.

Now, all that praise done, my one criticism is about the animations. They do look a bit stiff. I say that as someone with a background in animation, and the movements, subtle as they are sometimes, are very linear, meaning I can literally "see" the key frames in their movements, and characters move a bit too much like robots. If these animations could be polished, this game would be pretty near damn perfect.

Overall, good job!

Loved this! The vibe of the game is original and one of the few quite enjoyable for woman to play.

Thanks! Yeah, I have quite a few couples that enjoy my games. It's something I am really happy about :)

When is your game going to be released on Steam?


Contemplating how I want to go about it currently. If i do a two part deal there are some logistics I need to look into, but I would be able to get the first half out there soonish. If i do the full thing I have about another year of development on it. It's something I am still running in my head.

This is so .....Awesome! I can't wait for an update! Everything is sureal. Looks so real. The story is captivating, and the glossarry I love helps you not feel lost. There are a couple times that I am not sure why but the text started over and repeated a few times before continuing the story but other than that Perfect! 

Hey thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Not sure about the text repeating. That has never been reported to me but if you can give me an example so I can look into it that would be great.

well I am going back through it and I don't know why it got into those loops on me before. It is not doing it now. Maybe i was hitting a key?

lol, not sure. I'm glad there are no more issues though. Could have been the roll back feature.